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Helloww everyone! Today I am doing the Blogger Recognition Award! 
A few days ago I was surprisingly nominated by Maha! (funhousevision) for a Blogger Recognition Award. So, i would like to thank you  Maha for nominating me! I am really glad to see that I have a small audience that finds my blog worthy to follow.
And also, she is very talented good writter and i appreciate all of the fashion, food, art and beauty tips. You may check out her blog, if you haven’t, to suport her and get inspired aswell. As a graphic designer, I made my own custom “paperless” for this award. Anyone else can use mine above, as long as copyright sign on the bottom right stays in the picture.
For those who doesnt know, the Blogger Recognition Award was created to help bloggers connect and help each other.
Here are the rules:

The Award Rules:

  • Write a post to show your award;
  • Mention the blogger who nominated you;
  • Brief story on how you started your blog;
  • Two pieces of advice;
  • Nominate 5 bloggers;

Brief story: This is not my first blog I had one before. I was about 16 years old and I used to write about my own life. Something like a diary.  I believe it didnt work because i wasnt ready for it, was boring and i just gave up. I’ve been through enough to create this one in the past few years, fear of failure consumed me .Last year, idk some sort of colapse, i decided to try again, and  in 2016, i found out about the profissionalism of Make Up Artist ( MUA)  and i fall in love with the art i’ve been doing on my own for many years. Today and everyday,  i give a second shot to make it right this time.

Two pieces of advice: 

Writing from the heart: It may sound cliche but its true. If you don’t know  what your telling people about, it will look silly and uninteresting. When you find out what is inside you locked in your essence, it naturally works. Real work! Because you have to think as you as your own visiter. Just ask yourself: Would you stay and read your posts? Your blog? If not, give time to think but dont give up. It takes time.

Make friends: YES, FRIENDS! First thing you need to know is: You cannot expect everyone to return your visite. Right? I remember asking myself: HOW AM I GOING TO ATTRATIC PEOPLE HERE? What would they come for?
So, i just started to make friends with bloggers, that had posts related to mine . I visited, i commented, gave my real love and i got some in return. After that, i’ve been following things i am into, like rondom things- books ideias, diy, fashion, quotes thoughts, etc. And give my real opnion, and sometimes i get even more in return. Now i can say i made blogger friends, wich acctually shows pactience and love to this.

My nominations: 

  1.  Alexa Makeup Beauty
  2. A Beautiful Thing 
  3. Grano Rojo
  4. Me Myself and Vogue
  5. Isvi Ramos

Thas it! I hope you guys had enjoyed reading a bit more about me, what my life went through and found the two bits of advice good help. I wish good luck to those I nominated and everyone else that want to follow the advices i gave. I can’t wait to read all your posts. xx


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